Given And Denied

Yes, it is very difficult when we face a rejection. Be it from the one you love, or from a Job interview, or when your favorite football team loses the derby game. It hurts for a while depending upon the magnitude of the rejection and in some cases, it hurts forever. It feels like, it has left a huge scar in our lives. We feel chocked, dejected, insecure, vulnerable. But from the examples which I listed above, does any of the rejection comes close to ‘Death‘ ? We all die eventually, and for me, it is the most extreme and gruesome form of Rejection.

So live your lives to the fullest and let it go, it will fine at the very end and important to remember that Time heals everything, I have faced several rejections so far in my short life be it losing a relationship to losing a person who was very close to me. It did hurt a lot to be very honest, which is natural and its no shame to shed some tears, but I faced rejection and that has made me stronger, and it makes me even more stronger with each passing day.

I have seen people hurt themselves, and some go to the very extent of giving away their precious life just because they are rejected ? Come on you people, you have to be strong, life will test us everyday, every time but you have to make yourself ready. Every time life hits you, hit back. Lean on, but do not give up .If there are no failures, success won’t taste sweet. There are several examples to look upon if you are feeling low, listen to some good music, watch movies like Shawshunk, Million Dollar Baby etc and motivate yourself. Motivation can be found anywhere, yes anywhere, so keep looking for it and let it inspire you to do great things inĀ  life.

With this, I am signing off, until next time.