We all are Arsene Wenger’s men

The Buildup:

Yes, Yes , Yes I am not sure about you, but I am still buzzing from yesterday’s win. If you have not heard it yet, Arsenal have won the FA Cup against Chelsea courtesy of Goals from the Super Alexis Sanchez and the dynamic Aaron Ramsey. The football we played in the first half was orgasmic and breathtaking that many of us could have taken the eyes out of the screen. I recall, after the start whistle, we had close to a 100 passes before 10 minutes and scored one goal (amidst the confusion) and came close to score one more as well. Simply the old time Arsenal flashed into our minds. The first half ended in similar fashion and it was lit thought with the same intensity. We could have score 3 or maybe 4, and they could have scored one or two as well before the HT. But the scoreline read 1:0 in favor of Arsenal. The moment of the first half for me was, Rob Holding schooling the dirty Diego Costa.

The Interval:

I was frustrated, had we converted those half chances and scored at-least one more, there would have a cushion and some breathing space in the 2nd half, but it was not the case. The lead was slender and we all know, how good Chelsea are in the counters especially with Pedro and hazard in their ranks who are pacy players and have a eye to goal.

The Second Half:

We were 45 minutes away from winning the 3rd FA cup in 4 years and 13th overall (The competition highest) and we had to give it all. As anticipated, Chelsea came all guns blazing and came close to score as well but our defense stood tool lead by our captain Per Mertasacker and blocked off all the potential attacks even before reaching to Ospina. There were ticks everywhere, you could hardly find any misplaced pass, wrong move or not finding spaces. In short, we were bossing all around the park and the boys were pretty up for the challenge that beckoned. There were few nervous moments where Chelsea came close to scoring but could not test Ospina much throughout the opening 20 minutes of the second half. Per, Nacho and the young and inexperienced Rob Holding were growing into the game. Had we played with the same intensity of beautiful football throughout the season, we would have been termed as worthy champions, but you know it was not the case either. In the 73rd minute, if I recall correctly, there was a gap between Rob an Per and the dirty yet prolific Costa materialized. The scoreboard of famous Wembly stadium read 1:1 and there were hardly 20 minutes to go including extra time. Mr. Wenger had to do something, and do something real quick and immediately after 2 minutes, Welback was substituted with fan favorite, Olivier Giroud. I didn’t take the move very well because Welback was having a very good game keeping Cahill and Luiz on their toes. It took Giroud two minutes to prove me wrong. He assisted Aaron Ramsey (Arsene’s Golden Boy) with his first pass of the game. The stadium erupted, the yellow ribbon were prominent. Just like back in 2014, the partnership of Rambo and Giroud gave us a lead with close to 10 minutes to go. We were 10 minutes away from winning a silver ware in a dreadful season where we missed out of the UEFA Champions League and transfer uncertainties of our two best players Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. Many of us became hopeful and got behind the team, because finishing the season on a high after a lackluster campaign is welcomed by all. The end was near, with hardly few minutes to go in the stoppage time, and then, we would be crowned champions, worthy champions. The final whistle blew, the Wembly erupted once again and this time it was endless and was going to echo everywhere. The night was sorted, history was created. Arsenal were FA Cup winners 2016-17, the most by any club in football history. The feelings of the fans would be something unparalleled tonight. To end the season on a high is always awesome and to do that against the EPL Champions was phenomenal.

The Ending:

I will be looking forward to the new season with new hope and the same excitement, and possibly a change. Arsene Wenger respectfully resigning from the post and taking up a more higher post in Arsenal hierarchy and passing on his legacy, which will be unmatched to a new manager. A change is required and looks like a change is evident. No matter what, we are Arsenal fans who are proud when we win and loyal when we lose.

Signing off with this, until next time.


Given And Denied

Yes, it is very difficult when we face a rejection. Be it from the one you love, or from a Job interview, or when your favorite football team loses the derby game. It hurts for a while depending upon the magnitude of the rejection and in some cases, it hurts forever. It feels like, it has left a huge scar in our lives. We feel chocked, dejected, insecure, vulnerable. But from the examples which I listed above, does any of the rejection comes close to ‘Death‘ ? We all die eventually, and for me, it is the most extreme and gruesome form of Rejection.

So live your lives to the fullest and let it go, it will fine at the very end and important to remember that Time heals everything, I have faced several rejections so far in my short life be it losing a relationship to losing a person who was very close to me. It did hurt a lot to be very honest, which is natural and its no shame to shed some tears, but I faced rejection and that has made me stronger, and it makes me even more stronger with each passing day.

I have seen people hurt themselves, and some go to the very extent of giving away their precious life just because they are rejected ? Come on you people, you have to be strong, life will test us everyday, every time but you have to make yourself ready. Every time life hits you, hit back. Lean on, but do not give up .If there are no failures, success won’t taste sweet. There are several examples to look upon if you are feeling low, listen to some good music, watch movies like Shawshunk, Million Dollar Baby etc and motivate yourself. Motivation can be found anywhere, yes anywhere, so keep looking for it and let it inspire you to do great things inĀ  life.

With this, I am signing off, until next time.